Out of the blue

One of the key methods used in the Lights On! project is innovation. In doing so we have intentionally sought new frontiers but also deliberately exposed ourselves to what might become a colossal failure. What if we will not achieve anything by this process of trial and failure? What will become of the project if […]

Light Painting Workshops in the Lights On! project sites  

  Vallisaari: light painting: Jani Lainio, photography: Kirsi MacKenzie Background The Lights On! project seeks to create a joint network of historical tourist attractions in Finland and Estonia. In Finland, the spotlighted attractions are the Kuusisto Bishop’s Castle ruins, the Raseborg Castle ruins, the Rapola Hill Fort and the Vallisaari Fortress. The project seeks to […]

Me, myself and Lights On!

Hey all! I am Maaria, cultural management student from HUMAK Turku. I have been working with the Lights On! project from autumn 2015. This project was connected to our innovation course in 2015-2016. During the course we innovated some new tools for the project. First task was to think ’how to make Lights On! more […]

New Year’s Greetings from Turku Game Lab

Hello all, New year, new tricks. Thought this would be an excellent time to look back a little and see what’s been going on with the mobile game Vivi has already mentioned a couple of times in her posts.  My name is Anttoni and I work at Turku University of Applied Sciences. Even though my […]

Trips to Tampere and Joensuu

Moikka, Today, I’ll talk about my trip to Tampere, where I’ve tried Aurasma (an augmented reality application) and at the same time had fun with my friend Mari (I met her during the Innovation camp in Estonia 🙂 ). I’ll also say a few words about my trip to Joensuu (Eno more specifically) where I’ve […]

Finding characters for the game, quite a tricky task

Hei hei, As I said in my last post, I’ve spent many hours finding some characters for the future mobile game, whose final version will be available on the Lights on! sites in 2018 🙂 . The first task Anttoni (from the game lab) gave me was to find, for each site, the peak period […]